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Hear What Our Customers Have to Say
Ron Bauman
After an exhaustive web search for the best current model sport utility type SUV's, we settled on the 3 highest rated makes & models. For us, the Hyundai Tucson ticked all the boxes and so our first stop was at Abbotsford Hyundai. The Tuscon in the showroom highlighted everything positive that we'd read about the model and a very knowledgeable sales consultant (Edward) explained in detail the safety, quality and other features of the vehicle. He worked with us on the price and as a result, we saw no reason to look elsewhere. We're thrilled with our new Tucson SE AWD and we're very happy with the friendly no pressure sales atmosphere generated by Edward and his associates as we made the deal. We'd highly recommend the brand, the model, the dealer and Edward if you're in the market for a similar type vehicle.
Vani Pandala
I think most of us would agree that buying a car can be very stressful. My wife and I were looking for a car with time specific..... needing to find a car. I should say that we were very lucky to visit Abbotsford Hyundai Dealership. The staff were very professional and supportive during the whole process of buying. Thank you Amar Singh for your patience and awesome service. You are exceptional.
Terra-lyn Jensen
We had been hunting for a new car but undecided if we wanted to take the plunge and buy a new car. I had owned a 2007 Hyundai Elantra and took my car into Abbotsford for service, always great staff and never any issues. March 1st I was in a car accident and my car was a write off. I loved my old Elantra so much and it did us till 441000km so we decided that another newer Elantra was what we wanted. The day of my accident my husband went online and sent an email, with in minutes Giordan sent us a reply with a video of what we were looking at. Four days later I have a new 2017 Elantra Limited and I couldn't be happier. Both Giordan and Candace in financing were amazing to work with and made sure we got what we needed for my growing family. Safe, efficient, reliable new car. Thanks for all the help Giordan, Candace and Rick! I will recommend everyone to go see you all.
Rachel Friesen
We went in for our regular service (which is ALWAYS amazing) with our 2011 Hyundai Elantra and while waiting to pick it up our 5 year old son saw an amazing Hot Wheels Ultimate Car Garage. After talking to Brad for a little while, he gave our son and daughter little toy cars. Our son was so excited and so thankful to receive it that the Manager Helmut decided to GIFT our son this car garage!! Speechless is what we were and ECSTATIC was what our son IS!!! The customer service today was beyond exceptional. We have been customers with Abbotsford Hyundai since 2001 and then again purchased our second car with them in 2011 and look forward to continuing our business with them in the near future. We left their establishment today very happy. Thank you again for spoiling our kiddo! He is a very happy little man and we are very happy customers.
April Young
We went in for a test drive on the Saturday. When we got out of our car I noticed my front tire was a little low. I mentioned it to my husband so we could stop before our trip home. We went for our test ride and when we returned they had fixed my tire, turns out it had a nail in it. We returned on Tuesday and picked up our new car. Thank you Rick Bellavance and the team at Abbotsford Hyundai!
Thank you to everyone there for the great service and help we received when our car needed the engine replaced. We have told many people how great you all were. Special thanks once again to Rick, Brad, Frank and Andrew. Car is is running beautifully.
I was so thrilled the day I decided to walk in to the Abbotsford Hyundai dealer. I was introduced to my sales man Helmut. I really did have the warmest welcome. I felt it was very sincere. I'm a senior, have bought many cars over the years . This was my very best experience. I have the Tucson SUV. It's perfect for my needs, size is great and runs like a charm. I am so grateful to Helmut and all the staff at the Hyundai dealer. I will definitely be a return customer. Thank you,
V. Puetz
Was contacted to let me know about a recall and I was home sick, they came and got my vehicle and then returned it when finished, which I thought was such a great thing!
P. Germscheid
We had a bad experience at the XXXXXXX Hyundai dealership so we went to Abbotsford where we received excellent treatment. We knew what we were looking for & bought it!
Robert M.
Had a great time purchasing my new car from Abbotford Hyundai. Jamie - the sales manager was exceptional. Service was excellent. Thanks Robert M.
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