Hello, my name is Mitch Trotman, and I am the newest Hyundai Dealer in Greater Vancouver.  My dealership is called Abbotsford Hyundai and we are located in the Fraser Valley Automall in Abbotsford.

There are 10 Hyundai Dealers in the Lower Mainland.  So as a consumer, how do you choose which one to purchase your vehicle from?

What is the difference between us and them?

  • On the surface, we all appear pretty much the same.
  • We all stock and sell Hyundai vehicles that are manufactured on the same assembly lines, by the same people, in the same assembly plants.
  • We all pay the exact same price to the manufacturer for the vehicles.
  • We all offer the exact same factory incentives, interest rates and loan terms from the manufacturer.
  • We all sell the vehicles for very similar prices.
  • All our vehicles look and drive pretty much exactly the same, because they are in fact, exactly the same.
  • Our dealerships for the most part, look very similar, both inside and out.

So, how do you decide which Hyundai store to purchase your vehicle from?

You could certainly ask some of your friends about their experiences purchasing from any of the dealerships you may be considering.  You could also check them out online to see if you can find any reviews others have made on the dealerships.  There are now websites available that have reviews, and in fact, Google is now allowing customers to review businesses, and those reviews show up on their search results.

Because we are the newest Hyundai dealership around, we don’t have thousands of past customers, but we do have several customer testimonials from clients just like you, that we have received since we have been in business since January 2010.

Because I do not have a huge list of previous customers, I know that I and my team are going to have to work harder than others to earn your business, and that is definitely something we are prepared to do.

I know that I have to earn your trust and respect before I can earn your business.  How are we going to do that?  I would encourage you to read through this blog I am creating.  You may be surprised by some of the things you see in it, because I am a little bit different than some dealers.  I try to answer many common questions about the car business in a candid, and honest way.  My intention is to earn your trust by being direct even if the answer is something that you may not want to hear.

Look, I realize that most people rate the experience of “having to go and buy a car” just below getting a root canal, and marginally above having to drink a pint of bleach.  For years, the automotive shopping experience has often been compared to “pulling teeth.” I don’t believe the car business needs to be like that anymore.  We are doing our part to make it better for you.

To be direct, I will not tell you whatever you need to hear just so I can sell you a car.  I will, however, answer any questions you may ask me honestly and openly.  Will other dealerships do the same?