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It is vital for the safety of you and your passengers to have and maintain quality tires on your car year-round. Depending on the season and wear of your tires, you should be switching out your tires once or twice a year. Our Tire Shop in Abbotsford has the tires you need for every season! Use our Tire Finder today to see if we have the tire you are looking for in stock today!

There are certain tires that are best suited for varying conditions. Summer tires are designed to perform the best in dry, warm, and wet weather, which makes them less adaptable in the snow or cold. These kinds of tires harden up during the winter months, making it difficult to drive safely in the cold. Summer tires should be switched out for winter tires during the cold months for safe driving. In addition to providing a safer ride, switching out your tires can extend the lifetimes of your summer and winter tires.
Winter tires are typically used from November to April in Abbotsford due to the frigid, long winter season here. Winter tires are built with materials that are flexible in low temperatures and are designed for stable driving on the harsh icy and snowy roads. Although all weather tires can withstand the cold better than summer tires can, they still cannot outperform the reliability and safety of winter tires. They are surprisingly not actually intended for use in “all weathers”. All weather tires are built to last through wet, dry and snowy conditions, like the fall or spring seasons. These tires are not made to perform well on icy roads, which can create very dangerous driving situations if improperly used.

At our Tire Shop in Abbotsford, we have a wide variety of types and brands of tires for all of your tire needs!  We even offer a tire protection plan to ease your mind from worrying about faulty tires or road damage to your brand new tires. The tires we can order or already have in stock include: Goodyear tires, Bridgestone tires, Continental tires, Hankook tires and more!

Tire Storage

Proper tire storage is important to preserve the quality and extend the lifetime of your tires when they are not in use. There is a process to storing your tires properly to avoid any damage, which will ultimately cost you more in the long run.
When storing your tires, you must make sure they cleaned entirely with a tire brush, soap and water before drying them completely. The rims should then be cleaned as well to prevent any gunk from permanently staining or forming onto the tires. After both the rims and tires are squeaky clean, they can be stored in large airtight bags that are securely sealed with tape. Ensuring that the bag is airtight is an important step in maintaining the level of lubricating oils within the tire compounds while untouched for months.
Some tires require additional wrapping before storing due to the materials. Once the tires are wrapped and bagged properly, they need to be stored either upright or in low stacks of no more than four. To further prevent the deterioration of your stored tires, they must be stored in a cool, dry area away from the sun. This should be a major consideration in your decision to store your tires at home or at a Tire Shop like ours in Abbotsford. Leaving your tires stored in bags in the sun can cause the rubber to break down, making them less safe to use after just a few months. Therefore, you should not store your tires in non-climate-controlled areas, like garages, attics, sheds, etc.
It is ideal to change out your tires for the changing weather conditions but it truly requires a time commitment and planning ahead. Fortunately, Abbotsford Hyundai’s Tire Shop offers tire storage services to make safe driving and saving money easier for you!

Contact us today to learn more about our tire storage options or to find a tire you need!