Hyundai mojo is GREAT!!! We walked through the dealership door and were greeted by Amar’s big, friendly smile and polite inquiry into our visit. He listened intently to our needs, gave us an overview of the vehicles that might meet be a match for us and then WHAM! …he pulled an ace from his sleeve; a vehicle that we simply HAD to look at and finally purchased. During the test drive Amar answered all of my questions and provided information over and above each subject. Best of all there was little or no time wasted on negotiating a deal. Amar presented us with a number of options, we picked one that suited us and the deal was done. Amar also has a great sense of humour and we had a few giggles as we did the deal – he gave us two Matchbox cars for the kids as an “incentive”. Candis took us through the financial side of the process in less than an hour, gave us info on the protection packages and we were out the door and enjoying our new Elantra. Amar also kindly put new plates on my old car, which I was signing over to my daughter at the same time AND put air in one of the tires as the “low pressure” sensor had just lit-up on the way to the dealership. The next day Amar phoned and texted me to answer any questions that I may have regarding the car and to help me with any issues. Great customer service! Compared to two other dealerships in the same automall, that I will never frequent again, the visit to Hyundai was fantastic and I will definitely re-visit them again in two years when my second daughter needs a car. Thanks again Amar, Candis and the Hyundai Abbotsford crew!