We went in for our regular service (which is ALWAYS amazing) with our 2011 Hyundai Elantra and while waiting to pick it up our 5 year old son saw an amazing Hot Wheels Ultimate Car Garage. After talking to Brad for a little while, he gave our son and daughter little toy cars. Our son was so excited and so thankful to receive it that the Manager Helmut decided to GIFT our son this car garage!! Speechless is what we were and ECSTATIC was what our son IS!!!

The customer service today was beyond exceptional. We have been customers with Abbotsford Hyundai since 2001 and then again purchased our second car with them in 2011 and look forward to continuing our business with them in the near future. We left their establishment today very happy. Thank you again for spoiling our kiddo! He is a very happy little man and we are very happy customers.