I LOVE my Hyundai Elantra!! After several weeks of research, numerous car dealerships and unhelpful sales people I came to Abbotsford Hyundai and met Jordan Brock..and what a pleasant surprise. My experience was incredible, I stated what I wanted, make, year, mileage and price, and at the time, did the dealership have exactly what I wanted? No, but did Jordan get me what I wanted? YOU BET HE DID!!! Not only did Jordan find me everything I wanted, my car had 10,000kms less than I had asked for and Jordan found my car within a week and he NEVER went back on his word regarding the price even with the less kms. Some may think..I probably didn’t know what I was doing, so let me tell you this, I researched for weeks prices of cars and I had been to three other Hyundai dealerships in the lower mainland with the exact same request, and all the sales people were unhelpful or refused to listen to me or respect my financal position. But not Abbotsford Hyundai, I got a fantastic car at an amazing price and I have Jordan Brock to thank for putting his time and skills into getting me everything I wanted. THANK YOU JORDAN!!